5 Places to Take Amazing Pictures of the Salt Lake Temple

Looking for a pinterest worthy picture of the Salt Lake Temple? There are many great places around Temple Square to get a great pictures of the Salt Lake Temple.  Here are our top 5.

1. Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Take the elevator to the top floor and enjoy the view (if you aren’t afraid of heights). Chose different times of the day for a different look in your picture.

Salt Lake Temple

2. Oval Reflection Pond

There are two reflection ponds near the Salt Lake Temple. The oval reflection pond is directly east of the temple. The best time for a reflection picture is night. It is also fun to get pictures of the family’s reflections in the pond.


3. North State Street

This is a fun one to describe. This is NOT in Temple Square but just outside Temple Square. On the west side of state street and just north of the Beehive House is a little bench. Climb up on the bench for a better view and you can get the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Temple and North Visitor Center in the picture.

Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square

4. Up Close

You can now walk around the temple. There are a lot of fun shots of close ups that you can take. These are just two. We want to take more during the day!

5.  Square Reflection Pond

The square reflection pond is further east than than oval reflection pond, but not quite to State Street.  Play with zoom and lighting for the perfect picture!

What to Bring?

  • A good camera!
  • Blanket if you want to sit or kneel to take pictures

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