9 kid friendly places in Ogden

Did you know that Ogden has been rated #2 by Forbes in being one of America’s Most Livable Cities?

It’s true friends.

Ogden is kind of like this secret gem that everyone has labeled as “scary.” While this may have been true in the past, like Depression Era past, it’s a great place to raise families and have a whole lotta fun!

So The Salt Project has compiled a list of their favorite Ogden places. All of the places are kid friendly, but even without kids, they are still fun for anyone.








Ogden Nature Center

A 152 Acre Nature preserve.  You can hike, (even with strollers), bird watch, do service projects, hang out at the teepee and walk through their birdhouse garden. Plus they also host raptor birds there as well. They have classes for kids, field trip opportunities and it’s just a beautiful, peaceful place.

Farr’s Ice Cream

A local favorite since 1895. This ice cream is still sold in their sweet original building, complete with a paper ticketing system. Yes, the lines are long, but obviously, there is a good reason that customers sit there and wait for their favorite ice cream scoop.

Jeremiah’s Restaurant

Another local food favorite.  Not far from the Ogden Nature Center is Jeremiah’s Restaurant. People go for their big sized meals and breakfast all day! I mean, check out that scone! They say that bigger isn’t better, but in this case it is!

Ogden River Walk

Along the Weber River is the Ogden River Walk, which also leads to all these places below and more! We like to tube down the river, fish, play in the river or ride our bike down the path. Plus, there are TONS of places to stop along they way. Remember Sand Lot the movie?  Well the pool scene was totally filmed right in Ogden.

High Adventure Park

This park is like a glorified big kid park. While there is a toddler size park nearby, this park seems to be the best for teenagers and any active adult. Seriously, you could spend a few hours just trying to climb up all the different structures.

Rainbow Gardens : Mormon Muffins

Huddled in the Ogden canyon is the eclectic Rainbow Gardens. Famous for their Mormon Muffins that are so delicious you’ll be thinking about them all day long. Plus Rainbow Gardens has a bunch of different shops that are worth strolling through.  Rainbow Gardens is also at the start of the Ogden River Walk way.  You can either walk the path down the Weber River or do some hiking or catch the bus the Snow Basin. Either way, make sure you stop and buy some Mormon Muffins.

Eccles Dinosaur Park

The Dinosaur Park can be seen from the River Walk and heard!  Sometimes, you’ll just be walking by and hear a “ROOOOOOOOOOAAAR.” No Joke. They have an awesome outdoor park with giant dinosaur slides and picnic areas, and of course, the Weber River goes right along it.

Treehouse Museum

The Treehouse Museum is one of our favorite places!  Whether it be a rainy day or we just need somewhere to contain the kids, it never gets old.

Union Station

One of the main reasons that Ogden is even around is the Union Station. Once upon a time, there were almost 100 trains coming in a day, bringing food, travelers and other commodities, and also, Al Capone.  Which, is probably one of the reasons Ogden had a bad rep for while.  You can either stroll the outside and climb on trains or you can go inside and visit 4 other muse sums inside.

What do you guys think? Have you ever thought of doing a Stay-Cation in Ogden? You probably should take a weekend to go and visit, you won’t be disappointed.

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