Bird Watching at Lehi Jordan Willows

Bird Watching


Bird watching is such a wonderful activity – especially when it is in their natural habitat and when it is easy to visit and see them.


bird watching

Where is the Best Place for Bird Watching in Utah County?

Jordan Willows in west Lehi is a newer community that is almost to Saratoga Springs. In the middle of the community are wetlands. These wetlands are home to hundreds of birds of many different species.  My favorite are the pelicans. On any given day, there is at least one pelican in the Jordan Willows wetlands.


Take the Lehi Main Street exit off I-15. Drive west (about 3 miles) to Willow Lane. Turn south on Willow Lane and then west on Willow Reed.  The wetlands are on both sides of Willow Reed Drive. You simply park on the street and can see the birds from there. It’s definitely better views with binoculars but you can still see birds close and far without binoculars.


Bird Watching Videos

I had so much fun watching the birds float in the wind – but don’t take my word for it! Watch the videos below.


Tips for Bird Watching

  • You will probably want to know what types of birds you are watching. You can buy a guide book or use an online guide to help you discover which pretty species are present.
  • With the proliferation of digital gadgetry, you can take photos anywhere, anytime. Snapping even a blurry photo of a bird can help you or others clinch its ID. And birds are innately artistic creatures—more and more amateur photographers are connecting with birds through taking gorgeous pictures.
  • Don’t just watch! Listen!! They sound beautiful too.
  • Have fun!


We have such a great opportunity. Many Utahns have no idea there is great bird watching so near and without having to pay for a sanctuary!

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