Seven Peaks Season Pass – Salt Lake Location – only $10

WOW!!!! Seven Peaks Season Pass for Salt Lake Location is only $10!

Seven peaks season pass

Can you believe it? Only $10 for the entire 2015  season.

Seven Peaks season pass


You don’t want to miss out because it will go fast!

The fine print: Voucher is only good for Admission – not tubes or parking. Sales tax due at time of checkout. This is NOT a pass of all passes. This is ONLY good for the SALT LAKE WATERPARK LOCATION. The printed voucher is the admission ticket and should not be thrown away, but kept by the customer to bring back on every visit.

Where to Buy Fireworks in Utah – Provo Fireworks

Where to Buy Fireworks in Utah is a common question!

You see firework tents everywhere, right? On almost every corner. But the problem is knowing what the box actually does? Last year I bought some fireworks and I was excited – they were supposed to be aerials –  for a really good deal. Where they? Nope. I got fountain fireworks. I was disappointed.

Where to Buy Fireworks?

The tents are tricky because all the prices are different and you don’t know what you are getting. But don’t fear. Check out Provo Fireworks.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.59.21 PM

Enter Provo Fireworks!

This place is awesome because it is NOT a place. It’s online! But completely based in Utah. Plus, you can have them delivered to your door!



Why is this the best place to buy fireworks in Utah?

1) The prices are great! Especially the bulk packages (we bought the tween package)

2) It is local people!

3) They will deliver on the same day (for a $10 fee).

4) THE BEST PART!!! There are videos online of every firework. You know exactly what firework you are buying!

5) They have a warranty and will replace duds.

6) The website is easy to use!

Where to buy fireworks

Where is Provo Fireworks?

It’s in Utah County and easy to pick up – or just have them delivered.


Thanks Provo Fireworks!** Excited for the holidays.

**This was a sponsored post!

Ringling Brothers Circus Coupons

Ringling Brothers Circus is coming to Salt Lake City September 25-28.

At the Energy Solutions arena, you will feel like a kid and impress your kids with 15 artist-athletes leaping from trampolines, barreling along half-pipes, and slithering across slacklines. BMX riders are equally defiant of gravity as they arc off a ramp and perform flips above the heads of several awestruck clowns. Animal trainers brings wildly engaging performances and a women is fired from a cannon. Plus, there are so many great other performances!

ringling brothers circus coupon

Ringling Brothers Circus Coupons

But what is better than the circus, than a Ringling Brothers Circus Coupon?

Get 39% off at Ringling Brothers Circus Coupons

ringling brothers circus coupons