7 Best Utah Lakes to Play in the Sand and Swim

Just want to get your feet wet? Or swim lazily? Float in a tube? Some lakes are much better than others. Here are our best 7 Utah lakes to play in the sand and swim.

best utah lakes

1) Tibble Fork Reservoir

tibble fork utah lakes

Hidden up in American Fork Canyon, Tibble Fork Reservoir is colder but magnificent. It is beautiful and serene. Perfect for wadding, canoeing, paddle boarding, swimming and fishing.

2) Herriman Lake (Blackridge Reservoir)

This man-made lake was designed for day play. Small but perfect, it has SAND – be it a little rough sand. So bring your sand toys and sunscreen to play.

Herriman Lake

Blackridge Reservoir provides a beach, swimming, playground and more!


3) Antelope Island

best utah lakes


The nostalgia of Antelope Island is peculiar. Where else can you float in a lake that is all salt?  The best time to avoid bugs is early spring and fall, but with such a unique experience, you can’t miss this lake!

4) Highland Glen Park

best utah lakes

Highland Glen Park in Highland is hidden and unknown, which means you will have more space to yourself. Keep this gem to yourselves and enjoy the picnic areas and fun beaches.

5) Deer Creek Reservoir

best utah lakes

This larger Utah lake is full of fun with several great locations just to play on the beach and in the water. The best part of this lake is how CLEAN the water is. The beaches are a little rocky through.

6) Pineview Reservoir

best utah lakes

Beautiful beaches and pretty water. Pine view Reservoir shouldn’t be missed. It’s just 2 miles north of Huntsville and perfect.

7) Bear Lake

Although it is half located in Idaho, Bear Lake can not be forgotten. It is a beautiful lake with pretty beaches. North beach in Idaho is a favorite as well as Rendezvous Beach at the south end of the lake. Near enough to town, you can get a hotel or camp if you want to make a longer stay.



Are there other Utah lakes and reservoirs that you love?


5 Rockin’ Things to Do in St George

Visiting St. George soon? These are the 5 MUST do – things to do in St George!

things to do in St George

1. Explore Historical Sites:

The St. George Temple and St. George Tabernacle are gorgeous. The temple has a visitors center and the tabernacle is open for tours. The buildings are a big part of St. George history. Another great place is Brigham Young’s home – see how the pioneers lived. And the Jacob Hamlin home too.

St. George Temple and Visitor CEnter

2. Great Parks:

St. George has some of the best city parks in the state. The best and most unique is Pioneer Park. There is nowhere else in the county that you can climb and explore the red rocks. It’s every child’s dream come true – and every big kids too!

Things to Do in St George

3. Go Swimming:

It’s hot there – all year round. That’s wonderful, right? Get out of heat and enjoy the water. Most hotels have swimming pools. Another great indoor/outdoor pool is at the Washington rec center.

If your happy to be outdoors, there are three main reservoirs in the St. George area for boating, swimming and other water sports:
• Gunlock State Park
• Quail Creek State Park
• Sand Hollow State Park

4. Children’s museum:

The St George Children’s Museum is unlike any other children’s museum. Technically it’s free of charge, but they do ask for a donation. This is a MUST if you have children.

things to do in st george utah

Can you believe the entrance to the castle? Inside kids dress up and sit on the throne and enjoy being a prince or princess!


5. Visit Dinosaur Tracks:

This is a Utah must. There are several places to see dinosaurs but Johnson’s Farm Dinosite. It has tracks, replicas and a children’s area.


Looking for a place to stay?

St. George has several great hotels. We love The Lexington. It is a 3 star hotel and nice – but with a great price.  You can also rent a condo at several different locations – this is great for a bigger group.


How did our list of things to do in St George compare to your visits? What other great things do you like to do when visiting St George?

Stunt Run Coupon/Promo Code

Ready for fun with a run? The one and only Stunt Run is coming to Salt Lake City on September 28, 2015. And we have a Stunt Run Promo Code to save $10 off!

stunt run

What does the stunt run involve?

What are the Stunt Run Obstacles?

The 5K ThrillSeeker Experience is a one-of-a-kind course designed by actual Hollywood stunt producers. From a creator of Nitro Circus and Thrillbillies comes the run the opportunity to experience heart-pounding challenges. Talk about photo ops! It’s more than an obstacle course race or “fun run”.

How spectacularly fun does this look? Bouncy balls, tricycles, slides, punching walls, bowling ball pins and SO MUCH MORE! The run sold out last time, so get your ticket now and save $10.

They always have the safest, most over-the-top obstacles out there!

To participate in the complete Obstacle Course Stunt Run, you only have to be 12 years of age and over 48″ tall. But if younger, the Kids Stunt Run is ages 6-12 years.

What do I Wear?

All attire is acceptable except for: shoes with cleats, work boots, spiked or studded costumes or toy weapons.  Costumes are encouraged but not required.  We recommend you wear comfortable shoes – it is a 5K!

What do I Bring?


All of your friends

A great attitude


Spare clothes

Extra cash for parking, food and merchandise.

(1 Bag check is included with ticket.)


How do I register for the Stunt Run?


and don’t forget to use the Stunt Run PROMO code:

THINGS2DO10 to get $10 off!