5 Memorial Day Weekend Escapes in Utah

Want to get away but don’t want to pay for a flight? Time for a road trip. Here are 5 great ideas for a Memorial Day Weekend getaway.

1) St. George: A longer drive for most Utahns, but definitely fun. It’s not too hot yet. There are great places to stay from hotels to camping and even more to do. Some of our favorites are the St. George Children’s Museum, Pioneer Park, St. George Temple and more.

2) Antelope Island: This is more unique but not far from Salt Lake City. If you want to get away here, you have to stay at the camp ground. Antelope Island is amazing because of the animals and views. Don’t forget to go hiking! The views are spectacular from the peak of the mountain (and you can drive a lot of the way up!) Don’t forget bathing suits either!

View from Antelope Island Visitor Center

View from Antelope Island Visitor Center


3) Park City: With plenty of hotels and condos to choose from, Park City is amazing. It is summer season, so don’t forget to hit the Alpine Slide or Olympic Park. Park City has great outlet malls and wonderful food. Make a day trip or stay in a hotel.

4) Logan: Go north and enjoy! Logan has a great temple, but we recommend Willow Park Zoo for inexpensive family fun. There is a great little park just outside the zoo too. We also love Rendezvous Walking Trail. It is private and fun.

things to do in fall


5) Nebo Loop: The Nebo Loop can be an hour drive or it can be a complete weekend getaway. There are a lot of great hikes, pretty views, and more.

What other great weekend Memorial Day getaways in Utah do you love?

3 Magnificent Outdoor Art in Utah

Utah is home to some of the best art in Utah. But what is magnificent is the outdoor art in Utah is that the pieces are completely unique because of the location, setting and artist.

1. Spiral Jetty

This outdoor artwork is in the Great Salt Lake. On the north end, The Spiral Jetty is spectacular. Depending on the time of the year and snow and rainfall, the lake water can be lower or higher. The Spiral Jetty looks different under high tides and low tides.

Spiral Jetty

Visitors can walk out on the Jetty, play in the salt or swim in the lake. It is a far drive, but absolutely worth it. Check out our full post on The Spiral Jetty. 

2. Tree of Utah

On I-80 to Wendover and before the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Tree of Utah pops up and surprises drivers. It is magnificent and beautiful, towering over the freeway. Check out our post on the Tree of Utah to find out more.

Tree of Utah


3. M0nument To Time:

This a giant sculpture of stone, steel, and wood is located between the Herriman City Library and the Herriman City Rec Center. It was created in 2010 by Israeli-born artist IIan Averbuch. The parts of the sculpture have various symbolic meanings. The stout gate suggests an entrance or a passage. The circle of stone reminds us of a clock you find in the center of old towns, a compass, or a turning wheel. This suggest time and direction. It also has a clear reference to the migration representing the pointing and growing upward and downward, but they are locked inside a constructed environment. One points to the source of gravity, the earth and the other to the heavens.

What other pieces of outdoor art in Utah do you love?

St George Temple and Visitor Center

The St. George temple and visitor center is a must for anyone visiting St. George.  The St. George temple was the first completed temple in Utah. Like Temple Square in Salt Lake City, the St George temple grounds are large, providing walking paths, places to sit and ponder and a magnificent visitor center.
St. George Temple and Visitor CEnter


St George Temple Visitor Center

While the temple is not open to the public, the visitor center welcomes guests. Admission is free. It is a pretty building with several exhibits and pretty views of the temple.

St george temple visitor center


One of the best exhibits is the Christus Statue of the resurrected Lord. Similar to the one at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, the Christus stands 11 feet tall. There is also a recording that accompanies the Christus.

christus statue


Other exhibits include the history of the temple and how it was built, pictures of Christ during His life and ministry, copies of the Book of Mormon in many languages, and a model of Jerusalem at the time of Christ’s ministry.

St George Temple - Jerusalem model


The St. George temple and visitor center is located at 250 E 400 S St George Ut. The visitor center is on the south east corner.

St George Temple Visitor Center Hours:

Open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Contact and Phone Number:

More information can be found by calling 435-673-5181 or emailing


Christmas at St. George Temple:

Christmas time is always special.  Lights are placed around the grounds as well as a beautiful nativity.


What to Bring:

You and whoever you want!