9 Hiking Safety Tips

Hiking is a lot of fun, but something small can change a great experience into trouble. Here are some hiking safety tips to help stay safe!

hiking safety tips

1. Wear Proper Shoes

Good shoes is first and foremost in hiking safety. If you don’t having hiking shoes, wear a good pair of sports shoes. You need some traction on those shoes to keep from slipping.

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2. Check the weather

Know what you may be facing. So you can follow hiking safety tip #3.


3. Have proper clothing

If it will be colder or rainy, bring a jacket. If it will be hot, lighter weight clothing is always nice. We always wear pants no matter how hot it will be. Long pants protect your legs from bugs, as well as getting cut by bushes or undergrowth.


4. Bring a map and compass and communicate with others

If you get into the depths of a canyon, your GPS (and cell phone) most likely won’t work. It’s important to know where you’re going and equally important to let others know too. Tell someone where you are going and when you’re expecting to return home from your trip. Always communicate! This is one of the most important hiking safety tips.  


5. Take hiking/trekking poles

Many people brush off the idea of poles, but they will come in handy. Walking in the desert is an active pursuit and the obstacles you encounter as you go — rocks, cactus, ledges, etc. — will force your eyes down. Poles give you the ability to look around a bit while traveling in rough terrain, and they help keep your torso, and body in general, moving more fluidly and efficiently. They are great if you do trip. Most of the time you can catch yourself before hitting the ground. This is our favorite set of poles.


6. Prepare for the sun

You should also avoid strenuous activity in the hottest part of the day in the summer. Most people are not properly conditioned to be out in such heat and they simply cook like anything else would. If you don’t see lizards running around, you might want to consider why. Even they hide from the midday sun.

The sun can be deadly in the summer. Be sure you bring sunglasses with good UV protection. Polarized lenses are recommended.

Sunscreen is also a must!!!


 7. Snacks and Food

Prepare for the time you will be away, plus some. You want a little extra, just in case you get lost or your hike takes a little longer than you had planned.


8. Water

Last but not least, bring plenty of water. It is easy to get dehydrated while hiking. Staying properly hydrated is important for hiking safety. Having proper hydration pack like this one is really helpful too!

9. Just Have FUN!

Enough said!

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