The Haunted Attic at Lehi Trafalga

The Haunted Attic at Trafalga in Lehi is a must for this fall! Reviewing a haunted house is difficult because we don’t want to spoil the fun. So the simple version is that you HAVE TO GO! It isn’t short (we were pleasantly surprised by how long it is) and it is completely worth your time and money.

haunted house lehi

For more details about what to expect read on (if you want no chances of a spoiler, skip to the Where is the Haunted Attic section.)

The Haunted Attic is dark, long and full of twists and turns. There are several places where we didn’t expect to jump and did. It is a endless maze of dark and haunted hallways with ravenous zombies coming to life to spook and chase you. There are enough fake (and pretty cool and sometimes gruesome) zombies that sometimes you don’t know which ones are real. You will be startled.  There are neat effects with smoke and spiderwebs and scenery and darkness. We don’t want to give it away so we will stop there. But you have to go – several times.

Haunted Attic Lehi

How scary is the Haunted Attic?

This is always the golden question and the most difficult to answer since everyone has a different threshold for being scared. For adults, it is good, clean, gruesome fun. We jumped and we laughed. The actors don’t get too close or too personal and that is a good thing. Seven Peaks (and Trafalga) suggest an age of 13 year or older. We did bring our kids ranging from 8-12 years old.  We had a good time but my girls are more sensitive and were very scared (but didn’t cry). My son went first and loved the whole thing.

Haunted Attic


Tips for Making the Haunted Attic the BEST Experience Ever:

  • Separate yourself from the group ahead of you. More than 2-3 in a group and you will see what is coming and it won’t surprise you as much.
  • If you are bringing younger children, educate them about what a chainsaw is and how this one can’t and won’t hurt you. (Sorry for the spoiler but every haunted house has a chainsaw, right? Plus you will hear it long before you see it.)
  • There is a lot of noise and screaming by the zombies, warn anyone who needs a heads up.
  • It is busy because it is a good haunted house. Be prepared for a line and bring something to do while you wait.
  • If you have a Pass of All Pass, don’t forget to bring it!
  • Smile and have fun.

Where is the Haunted Attic?

At the Seven Peaks/Trafalga in Lehi Utah. 1320 North 300 West, Lehi, UT 84043

What are the Haunted Attic Hours?

  • Mondays – Thursdays: 7 PM – 10 PM
  • Fridays – Saturdays: 7 PM – Midnight
  • Closed Sundays

What is the Pricing?

If you have a Pass Of All Passes, you get FREE admission during the month of September, so come be the first to see what all the hype is about! During the month of October, you get a discount with a social media post.

haunted attic seven peaks trafalga


For more information, you can check out the Seven Peaks/Trafalga Website


***This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.***

Battle Creek Falls – 5 Reasons To Explore it Now!

Battle Creek Falls is amazing. The hike is not difficult (but is a little steep the last 100 yards or so) and it is oh, so beautiful! So here are 5 reasons to get out and explore Battle Creek Falls NOW!

1) It is BEAUTIFUL – no doubt about it!

Battle Creek Falls - 5 reasons to HIKE IT NOW

2) It is an easier hike. Bring the kids, bring Grandma (but not if she needs a walker or wheelchair.) The trial is clear and easy to follow.

Battle Creek Falls - 5 reasons to HIKE IT NOW

3) There are fun stops along the way. This pool is fun to skip rocks or cool off.

battle creek falls


4) It’s a perfect place to get wet.  The falls aren’t strait down the rocks. It is fun to let the water run over you and cool off.

5) It is a great place to repel. If you don’t repel, it is fun to watch those who do!


What should I Bring to Battle Creek Falls?

Water – always bring water when hiking. We love water/aqua backpacks.  A picnic lunch in a cute picnic basket is always fun too. Wear good hiking shoes and have fun!

Where is Battle Creek Falls?


The trailhead is at the Kiwanis Park in Pleasant Grove. It is also the trailhead for the Pleasant Grove Hike to the G.

Battle Creek Falls - 5 reasons to HIKE IT NOW


This is where you start. The hike is so fun! You won’t regret doing it! Share with us your favorite pictures and experiences at Battle Creek Falls near Pleasant Grove Utah!