What do I do for Date Night? Date Night for 2

Stuck in a rut? Just doing “Dinner and a movie” again?


What is Date Night for 2?

Date Night for 2 takes the hassle out of date night by planning a variety of events around Utah County. All you have to do is show up! This summer is Bubble Soccer games at the community park in Orem (south of Mountain View High School). They even take the stress out of dinner by including a gourmet shish kebab meal.


Date night for two


Other events throughout the year include a grown-up Prom Do-Over, a Halloween Masquerade, a murder mystery dinner, Paint Nights, dance lessons and more – all including a catered dinner to make date night easier on you.


Why Date Night For 2?

The goal, according to founder Allisan Looman, is to enrich relationships through meaningful dates. “At the movie theater or at home in front of the TV, you spend an entire evening essentially ignoring each other in a darkened room,” Looman says. “The whole point of date night is to spend time together and remind yourselves why you fell in love in the first place.”
She points to studies that show that couples who try new things together are happier in their relationships. “The novelty of learning a new skill together or discovering something new together mimics the euphoria of falling in love the first time. That’s not something you can experience going to the same places every week with the same people, or skipping date night altogether. We want to help people have fun with each other, not just next to each other. So you can go to a different restaurant each week, or you can come do something more interesting with us!”


date night for 2


What is the Cost?

Tickets are anywhere from $20-$40 per person, but they give $5 discounts per ticket when you book early. And when you think about it, a dinner-and-a-movie date night averages about $30 per person anyway.


Next Date Nights?

Date Night for 2’s six Bubble Sports events this summer take place June 6thJuly 11th and August 8th at 5pm and 6:30pm.

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