Discovery Park – Pleasant Grove Utah

Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove Utah is an awesome park and playground. It is large and is great entertainment for little kids and for older kids and teenagers as well.


What is at Discovery Park?

Discovery Park was designed by kids and then implemented by adults. It has castles and ropes and slides and a lot of fun!


There are little crawl spaces and “secret tunnels”



And the tire swing is awesome!  The other swings are great too!




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There are a lot of fun educational activities – this one is cute with animal tracks throughout the entire playground!

Granted, the kids would rather play than read the education stuff but maybe the teenagers read it?


Throughout the park you can hear music – that is because there are two areas for kids to play a marimba type game and bells. And it is fun!

Also, there is an earthquake experience and beehives and so many more great fun things!


Discovery Park Map

The map at the entrance is quite helpful!



The kids loved Discovery Park. We need to go there again! I was tired before they were. There was so much to do. I used to go there as a teenager and played tag with my friends. It is a great tag park!

Also, for an older park, it is well maintained! It was safe and fun!


Where is Discovery Park?

Discovery Park is part of Manilla Park and is located at 1500 N 100 E Pleasant Grove Utah. Manilla Park also includes walking trails, BBQ areas, pavilions, baseball diamonds, bathroom facilities, soccer and volleyball areas.

Klutziness at Discovery Park

Yea, I was chasing the kids and well . . .

Maybe I’m getting too old to play at the park!

What do you love about Discovery Park?

Melissa and Doug Wooden Letter Alphabet Magnets

Melissa and Doug Wooden Letter Alphabet Magnets

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