21 Free Date Night Ideas

Date night ideas

Are you tired of the same old thing for date night? Dinner and a movie is getting old – let’s start having some fun and bonding on date night! And did I say free date night ideas? Because it doesn’t have to be expensive!

Free Date Night Ideas

1. Wheeler Historic Farm

Wheeler Historic Farm

Wheeler Farm is a fun and unique free date night activity.  A 75-acre fully functioning farm can have a romantic walk – hand in hand, picnic and wagon ride.


2. Play Tennis

This is one of our favorite free date night activities. Once you own rackets and balls, just find a great court. This website shows more on places to play!

3. Roller Skating

4. Go Hiking –

This website has SO MANY awesome places throughout Utah!

5. Local Free Concerts

The local music scene is awesome. There are a lot of free concerts this year.  Great romantic evening and a great date night.

6. Volunteer

Serve dinner at the local homeless shelter – quietly perform service for an unsuspecting neighbor!

7. Watch a movie in the Park

8. Historic Tour

A lot of cities have historic tours. They are so fun and free.

9. Birdwatching!

There are so many great bird watching places, but some are free and great. There are also lots of good tips on this website!

10. Speed on the Bonneville Salt Flats


This is so much fun but it is a drive from Salt Lake City

11. Take a scenic drive

Utah has PLENTY of them! This is a great free date night idea.

12. Pretend to be tourists and take pictures of downtown!

Even if you don’t have a good camera, your phone does!

13. Go walk around a temple – Utah has a lot of them!

They are quiet and peaceful and a great place to talk and walk hand in hand.

14. Visit Temple Square in Salt Lake City

15. Fly a kite

This is definitely best in March but could give some laughs if there isn’t much wind. You can also get creative and make your own kites.

16. Climb trees

 But be careful!

17. Play board games

 Sorry, Stratego, Chess – just to name a few of our favorites!

18. Play card games

You can definitely spice this up!

19. Stargaze

There are some great parks that are a little further away from city lights. Creekside Park in Alpine is close to the mountains to see more stars.

20. Cook dinner together

At my house this ends in a food fight. That is fun until we have to clean up.

21. Drive out to the Spiral Jetty

Spiral Jetty

Sunset by the Great Salt Lake is amazing and the art is even better!

What other great free date night ideas do you have? Comment below and let’s add to my list!

6 thoughts on “21 Free Date Night Ideas

  1. I used to live in Murray, UT and I can say that Utah is just beautiful!! With its majestic mountains and beautiful scenery, even downtown Salt Lake with the capital sitting on a hill is just gorgeous so yes – I would love to visit UT and take my husband on an unexpected trip to somewhere he wouldn’t necessarily go without me.

    Wouldn’t that be fun?

    Keep in Touch(ed),

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