IFly Utah

IFly Utah


I LOVE indoor skydiving, but there is only one place to do it in Utah – IFly Utah at the Salomon Center in Ogden Utah.

However, it is not cheap at all! But worth every penny – even if you only do it once!

IFly Utah is possible because it is powered by a big wind tunnel with speeds that are strong enough to hold 1 and sometimes 2 people.  This means it is windy (my 10-year-old didn’t like the wind) and noisy (which can scare kids.)

Because of the noise, instructors teach and communicate with hand gestures.  All the instructors are awesome and help you progress in your flying skills.  At the end of your flight time (which is usually only a couple of minutes long), the instructor can take you up and down the wind tunnel for high thrill. Best of all, the instructor gets to fly solo too and show off the fun tricks that are possible and advanced.

Because it is less expensive and a great training ground for free-falling, skydivers love IFly Utah too. Often the instructors re experienced skydivers too.

Where is IFly Utah?

2261 Kiesel Ave. Suite #200 • Ogden, Utah 84401 


How Much Does IFly Utah Cost?

The least expensive first time flyer package starts at $49. However, check Groupon. There are frequently Groupon coupons that include the rock climbing and Flowrider for the same price.

There are also group packages or corporate packages.

Insider Tips to IFly Utah

  • Be on Time
  • You can fill out the waiver online before you go – saves some waiting in line time.
  • Don’t wear jewelry – you will have to take it off anyway. They do have lockers, but it’s easier to leave it home. (Rings and all!)
  • Relax and have fun! The best fliers relax their bodies and just let the air do the work. Having a stiff body fights the wind and makes it more difficult to turn.
  • Use the bathroom before you suit up! Depending on the size of your group, you may be in the wind tunnel and in full gear for a while.
  • When you schedule your time, ask for an instructor who know how to go up and down in the wind tunnel. It is so much fun.

Ifly groupon

For more information you can visit the IFly Utah website .

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