Kiwanis Park in Pleasant Grove

Kiwanis Park in Pleasant Grove is a great park. Even though there is not a playground or splash pad, it provides a great gathering place. It is a more wooded park, but that also means that it has more shade from the summer heat.

Kiwanis Park

Why Kiwanis Park?

First, it is the trailhead for several hikes – the Hike to the G and Battle Creek Falls.

Second, it has a great pavilion. The pavilion is large and can hold a huge party!

kiwanis park pavillion

I love the fire pit! It is just around the corner from the pavilion.

kiwanis park fire pit

And the big open spaces are great for frisbee or a small soccer or football game.

kiwanis park

There is also has a monument for Battle Creek. The creek is sometimes dry and the entrance to the park is a bridge over the creek, but the history is neat!

Battle Creek Monument

Where is Kiwanis Park?

The park is at the east end of 200 South in Pleasant Grove Utah. It is at the base of the mountain and is quite simple to find.

Have a great time at Kiwanis Park!

And for some fun, you can check out this blog that tells the haunted legend of the park.

5 thoughts on “Kiwanis Park in Pleasant Grove

  1. The park looks great. Aren’t trees wonderful the way they make shade and cool the earth? Utah is a long way from England, so I don’t expect to ever see the park in person, only through your photos.

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