Nephi and the Sword of Laban

A beautiful musical depicting what the Book of Mormon is really about, Nephi and the Sword of Laban is the story of love, betrayal, and pride between brothers and then between nations – carrying on for centuries.

Nephi and the Sword of Laban

In 600 BC, Lehi and his family left Jerusalem. Lehi’s son’s Laman, Lemuel, Sam and Nephi go through trials that bring some brothers closer to God and others further from it. Experiencing adventure and betrayal as the go to the promised land, Nephi and the Sword of Laban shows the story of the Book of Mormon with humor and sincerity. Written and directed by Sherry Allred, Nephi and the Sword of Laban tells the true story of Nephi, the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ.

When is Nephi and the Sword of Laban Running?

nephi and the sword of laban

August 27-August 8, 2015.  The musical starts at 7:30 pm with a Saturday matinee at 2 pm. (Not playing Sundays.)

Where is Nephi and the Sword of Laban Playing?

At the Grand Theater. 1575 South State Street Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Want a Preview?

How Much are Tickets?

Tickets are $25 per person ages 16 and up, but $15 for seniors, students, military, youth age 5 – 15, and groups of 10 or more. Family night special on Mondays is $25 for 5 people.

Call The Grand Theater Box office at 801-957-3322 or you can purchase them online.

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