Play Tennis

Play Tennis

Play tennis

Even if you don’t know how to play, it is fun to just try.

We played tennis for date night one night and had more fun than we had in a long time. We just went to the local middle school and used the tennis courts – no charge.  We didn’t have rackets – so purchasing them for roughly $10 each and a bag of tennis balls (less than $5) was a pretty inexpensive date night. And then we have the rackets for next time.

Since then, we bought rackets for the kids and go play for family activities. It’s free and fun! And the kids are getting better and better every time, but I’m not!

How to Play Tennis

Tennis is a fun sport. For directions on how to play, wikihow has been really helpful!

Where to Play Tennis in Utah

Most junior highs and high schools in Utah have a tennis court that is open to use when the tennis team or students are not using them. Also, there are a couple private tennis clubs in Utah if you want to go that route, but there are fees to use their facilities.

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