Pleasant Grove Hike to the G

I grew up in Utah County but I had never hiked to the G! (For those not from Utah the G is for Grove in Pleasant Grove). This Pleasant Grove Hike is one of the best because it is absolutely beautiful on so many counts – gorgeous views, pretty flowers and more!

Pleasant Grove G Hike

What do I need to bring?

1) Lots of water

2) Good shoes – we started going and I realized that my 6 year old was wearing boots – not hiking boots.

3) Camera – so pretty! You will want pictures!

4) We brought snacks too but that isn’t mandatory

When is the best time to Hike to the G?

The first part of the hike (and most of it after) is directly in the sun. So the best time is in the morning when the sun is still behind the mountain. That doesn’t mean that this Pleasant Grove hike isn’t great later in the day – it just might be hotter.

Where is the Pleasant Grove Hike to The G?

The hike starts at the Kiwanis Park. Roughly 1700 E and 200 S in Pleasant Grove. Going on 200 S as far east as you can go and you can’t miss it!

You will actually want to go through Kiwanis Park. This is the trailhead.

pleasant grove hike to the G

About the Hike

This hike is steep. I don’t know why I didn’t realize that upfront – it is the side of the mountain!

steep hike the g

(If in the first 5-10 minutes, you decide it is a little too hard for you, turn around and go back through the park and to the entrance. The trailhead to Battle Creek Falls is there. It is a much easier hike and ends up at a waterfall.)  However, if you can do this hike, it is totally worth it! It took us about 55 minutes to do the entire climb. The people who were coming down as we went up, said it took them 45 minutes or so. So plan a couple hours round trip.

We stopped and took several breaks. Threw small rocks. Looked at flowers. There are so many pretty flowers.

The view is incredible for most of the hike.

views hike the g

When you get to the first fork in the road, go right.

for to the G


Most of the hike up is straight to the north, there are a few switchbacks at the end and under the cover of some large bushes.  We were so excited when we saw the G. When you first see the G, we were about half way there.


The G just gets bigger and bigger as you get closer. It was so fun!




This is what the G is made out of – mostly fencing material.

Pleasant Grove G Material


The views are spectacular!


The climb down wasn’t too difficult. I was kind of worried about it since the climb up was steep, but it did take about the same amount of time to go back down as to come up!

If you have already been, comment on what is your favorite part about the Pleasant Grove hike to the G. If you haven’t gone – do it! Then tell us what your favorite part is!


8 thoughts on “Pleasant Grove Hike to the G

  1. I don’t know too much about Utah, but now I know just a little bit more. I used to do lots of hiking years ago here in Ireland, but not at the minute. Ever considered using Strava on your phone? gives great “summary” of route, elevation, and other bits & bobs.
    “G” is also for gorgeous, geology and Google maps.

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