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Sierra Newbold Park and Splash Pad in West Jordan

The Sierra Newbold Park and Splash Pad in West Jordan is brand new and is popular and fun!


Sierra Newbold Memorial Playground

Sierra Newbold Park and playground

The park is right next to the splash pad and connects to the Rod Wood Park


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West Jordan park

The playground is HUGE. A lot of kids can easily play. It includes swings, slides, electronic games, and a lot of room to be creative!

Play ground at ron wood park

The park’s designers did an amazing job! This ship rocks and provides a lot of fun for kids of all ages!


The climbing wall is quite popular. And notice the blue soft landing pad! This park is awesome. The older kids and teenagers think it is great too.

Splash Pad at Ron Wood Park

If you didn’t notice in the pictures above, a lot of kids are in swim suits. The great playground is right next to the splash pad. So kids can run back and forth.

splash pad west jordan

This is West Jordan’s splash pad. The nice thing about this splash pad is that you can always see your kids because of the the flat terrain and the fountains shoot out of the ground and not out of pipes.

Ron Wood Park

This is all apart of the Ron Wood Park. It’s a great community area.

Where is the Sierra Newbold/Ron Wood Park?

5900 New Bingham Highway West Jordan

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