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Desert Star Playhouse –

Desert Star Playhouse is WONDERFUL. It is the epitome of humor, sarcasm, irony, pop culture, music and theater mixed together!  It is unique and fun! And we have NEVER been disappointed!  We have season tickets and keep bringing friends for their first time at Desert Star. There are a couple things I learned to help first timers and old timers.

From the outside, it kind of looks like an old dollar theater.  Be sure to park around the back.


Inside the ambiance is western and fun and you can see the outside was quite deceiving!

Desert Star Theater

The stage and props change with the play but the set up is always amazing.



What Should I Know Before Purchasing Tickets to a Desert Star Playhouse Show?

1. Tickets sell out almost every show. Buy them in advance to get better seats.

2. All the seats are great – front or back. But I like the middle sections best or the balcony.

3. An audience member is almost always pulled into the show and becomes a focus of fun and laughter. If you do not want to be pulled up, pick your seat toward the middle of the table or back of the theater.

4. You get a better price with season tickets and can choose your seats when you purchase tickets.

5. Dress is casual. Have fun!

6. Don’t expect the show to be like the movie or original play. It’s a starting point for the writers but the scripts and characters can be completely different. Phantom of the Opera: I’ve Grown Accustomed to Your Face is not the real Phantom of the Opera. That doesn’t mean it won’t be good. Just expect a parody and expect to laugh.

7. The tables are small! Each table fits 2 or 4 people. Once you are there and snuggled it, it quite cozy and great. But at first you have to figure out how you all fit at the table. If you are a little more claustrophobic and want a 2 person table to yourself for a little more room, then order your tickets online early.

8. When you order tickets or get to the theater, don’t forget to tell the person working the ticket window about any birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions you are celebrating. I promise – it’ll be fun!

What Should I Do/Know When I Go to Desert Star?

1. Seating opens 30 minutes before the show begins. Get there early to order your dinner.

2. Their dinner menu is great. We love the pizza.

3. Order the brownie sundae. It is amazing and big enough for 2 or more people!

4. Listen CAREFULLY! The jokes are often muttered under someone’s breath or as a quick comeback. You don’t want to miss a single joke.

5. The pizza and cheese sticks are my favorite!  The pizza and cheese sticks will feed 4 people – plus the brownie sundae!

6. Notice the pianist who plays the entire show! What talent!

7. Audience participation is definitely ok. Be prepared to BOO and CHEER!!

8.  Just try to ignore the rude people who decide to come 10 minutes late and make a ruckus finding their table. (There is always one!) And DON’T be that group. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on the play!

9. The show has intermission. So a great time for a bathroom break. (The bathrooms are nice too!) And after the show there is a second intermission (I don’t know what else to call it). Then the cast comes back out for an Olio. Sometimes the Olios are more hilarious than the shows. Make sure you stick around for it!

10. Don’t forget to tip your server!

Where is Desert Star Playhouse?

Fun at Desert Star

Everyone we have taken to Desert Star Playhouse has LOVED it – and it is surprising to me how few know about it or have been. It is a little more expensive than a movie, but totally worth it.  My favorite shows are the ones that are more Utah centered. (Most have local humor but some just dial it in!!) To date, my favorite is Provo Cop – and the funny thing is that I wasn’t as excited for that one because I wasn’t a fan of the movie. But the writers did an excellent job making fun of Utah culture and the actors had great timing.

calamity jane at desert star

Calamity Jane is the current production. It was very fun too!

Anyone wanna have date night with us at Desert Star Playhouse?