Tips to Go RVing – Rent an RV

We love RVs. But there is a LOT for beginners to learn if you don’t do it often. Go RVing – rent an RV and check out our Dos and Don’ts for RVing. (Thanks to Access RV for providing the rental so we could learn the Dos and Don’ts!)



  • Rent an RV from Access RV in Salt Lake City.
    • They are amazing to work with and didn’t laugh at any of my stupid questions.
  • Bring the right supplies.
  • When backing up, always have someone direct you.
    • A lot of the newer RVs have back up cameras – they are so nice and helpful! But having someone direct you just keeps you safe.
  • Make schedule.
    • Knowing when you need to be where will definitely be helpful. Look up the hours of the places you want to visit. Many museums, history sites and parks have hours and you don’t want to miss the fun.
  • Give yourself enough time to explore.
    • We randomly stopped at Mark Twain’s childhood home (no we were not in Utah for this trip). And it was totally not planned and completely worth it.
  • Use RV Parky App on your smart phone.
    • This app is amazingly helpful. It tells you where RV parks are that are close to you and lets users leave ratings and reviews so others know if it is a good RV park. It also shows where Walmarts are at (and if the Walmart allows overnight parking) and also shows several of the bigger trucker stops. I did notice that it didn’t have every single RV park or truck stop, but it was definitely a big help!
  • Watch for trees or other low hanging objects. 
    • An RV is a lot bigger than most vehicles. Trees can surprise you.
  • Pay attention to the wind
    • Big wind gusts can take you by surprise. In a big RV, you feel the wind. Safe and slower is always better.


  • Forget your sunglasses.
  • Forget to secure EVERYTHING before driving.
    • It will fly everywhere. Drinks are especially disastrous.
  • Take corners too quickly.
    • When driving, the corners don’t seem like a big deal, but anyone riding in back will definitely feel them.
  • Spend a lot of money on RV Parks.
    • We stayed at a Flying J one night and a Walmart another night. Both are free. The truckers stay at the truck stops and they don’t mind if an RV is there too. A sewer dump is $5-10 depending on the station and if you buy gas. The Flying J was one of the quietest places we stayed.
  • Buy cheap insurance.
    • Access RV offers a couple different packages and although you will probably not need to use the insurance, it is best to have the coverage you need so you are not sorry later.
  • Run the gas tank lower than 1/4 of the gas tank.
    • There are two reasons for this. First, if the tank goes below 1/4 of the tank, the generator won’t run. This protects you from running out of gas. Second, most credit cards and gas stations cap out at $75-$95 per transaction. So if you get low to empty on gas and fill it, your tank won’t be all the way full.

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  1. Very cool tips. Most of these are unknown until you experience renting an RV for the first time (ex. most gas stations cap out at $75 – $95, etc.). Posts like this one are extremely helpful. Thanks for the beneficial resource!

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