Utah Fairy Forest

Have you discovered the Fairy Forest just outside of Kamas Utah? It is spectacularly fun and magical.

utah fairy forest

What is the Utah Fairy Forest?

The Utah Fairy Forest is a collection of fairy homes and living space. It is mystic. It is magical and it is amazing.

The forest changes throughout the year. People add more fairy homes to it and the weather takes away from the forest, so going more than once is definitely suggested.  Don’t be upset if your fairy home isn’t exactly the same as when you left it. The fairies must have loved it!

How Much Does it Cost?

The Fairy Forest is free. It is just off the highway. However, there is a fee to go on the Mirror Lake Scenic Highway. It is $6 and this is completely worth the money.

Where is the Utah Fairy Forest?

Located on the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, the Utah Fairy Forest is hidden. You have to know where you are going to get there and find it.

To get to Fairy Forest, head up to Kamas. Take the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway (Hwy 150). Drive to mile marker 17 just past Shady Dell campground. There is a pullout right at the mile marker. Park and follow the trail that goes to the right (as you face the forest).

You do walk through the campground and will walk until you find a dry creek bed with huge river rocks. (See safety tips below).

After you cross the river, bear right. Trails head off in front of you. The entrance to the forest is about 30 feet away.

What should I bring to the Utah Fairy Forest?

  • Rocks (best to prepaint them at home – use acrylic paint that won’t wash away)
  • Paints (for painting rocks)
  • Anything you want to build a fairy house – milk jugs, baskets, ribbon, etc.
  • Your imagination

Safety and Tips

It is a small hike (5 minutes) to the fairy forest. However, you do have to cross a rock bed that has water. Sometimes the water is higher and sometimes it is nonexistent. Please be careful – especially when there is high water. Don’t cross if it isn’t safe.

Bring good hiking shoes to assist in getting there.

Some of the rocks in the river bed are lose – be careful.

The parking is at the side of the road on a highway. Be careful entering and exiting your vehicle.


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