4 Utah Playgrounds That Make You Want to Be a Kid

Utah has a lot of kids – and a lot of playgrounds. But there are 3 Utah playgrounds that are completely above the rest. They make you want to run and play too! And they vary in location across the state.

1) Neptune Park in Saratoga Springs

The great pyramid says it all! So tall and so fun! (TWO STORIES to be exact!) Plus lots of green space and other playground equipment. When you are pretending to be a kid, don’t forget to try some of the spinning playground equipment. Check out more . . . 

2) Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove

Made for kids and designed by kids. What better place to forget you are an adult! The tube swing is fun – if you can fit in it. Lots of normal swings. Don’t forget to run through the big wood playground that goes up and down an island and a fort. You can even explore the tight spaces if you dare. Check out more . . .

3) Moab Rotary Park in Moab Utah

Also called Freenotes Harmony Park, this place features 19 musical instruments making this park a musicians dream! It also has playgrounds, pavillions, trails and more, but the draw is the musical fun!  Check out more . . .

4) Sierra Newbold Park in West Jordan

This Utah playground has so much to explore and do! You will be entertained for hours. Don’t worry about taking over – it’s totally worth it! Be a kid and ride the boat, go down the many slides, run in circles and explore! Forget you are an adult for an hour! Check out more . . .

Play ground at ron wood park


Are there other Utah playgrounds that make you want to be a kid again?

9 thoughts on “4 Utah Playgrounds That Make You Want to Be a Kid

  1. Timpanogos Cove Park in Cedar Hills. Not many playgrounds have a three-level slide like this one. We dubbed it “The top of the World Park”. Up in the east bench, the views are captivating.

  2. Next time you are in Price, check out the Dino-Mine Park on 9th East and 7th North. It’s a bit hard to find, but great play equipment and theme!

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