Herriman Lake – AND BEACH!!!

Yes, Utah is a desert but we do have some beaches!!! And even though Blackridge Reservoir – also nicknamed Herriman Lake or Herriman Reservoir is man-made – it is awesome!!!


What can you do at Herriman Lake – Herriman Reservoir – Blackridge Reservoir?

There are so many fun things to do at Herriman Lake!!!

Swimming, playing in the sand and regular beach stuff!

Picnic – bring a lunch and enjoy under the pavilions or in the sand!


Boating is great here – but it should be a smaller boat, kayak, paddle boat, paddle board, etc. There is also a small boat ramp on the east side of the beach.

There is a playground for kids! The playground is big and fun and can be easily seen from the west part of the beach.

Herriman Lake

Where is Herriman Reservoir?

Located at 150000 S Ashland Ridge, Herriman Lake is hidden in a neighborhood off Rosecrest Road and West of Mountain View Corridor.

What to bring to Blackridge Reservoir:

  • Sunscreen
  • Beach towels
  • Beach toys – buckets, shovels, volleyball, etc.
  • Flip flops or water shoes

What do I need to know before going to Herriman Lake?

  • The sand is coarse. It is fun, but it isn’t La Jolla Beach sand. Bring sandals or water shoes for protection.
  • Hours are 7:30 am – 9 pm (double-check with city  just in case they change the hours) They do lock the gates. The lake is open seasonally – roughly April 15-October 15.
  • There is working bathrooms
  • The lake is popular! And will just get more and more popular.
  • There is no lifeguard on duty – have fun but BE CAREFUL!
  •  There is a concession stand. So if you want to buy a snack, you can!
  • There is not a lot of grass – so soccer or frisbee could be more difficult.

Herriman Lake was wonderful! It was breezy when we went but completely fun. We are going there more this year! Comment and tell us what you love about it? Or if you have any questions about it!

9 thoughts on “Herriman Lake – AND BEACH!!!

  1. This is a great hang out spot, especially with the improvements this year. However, people should know this is not a huge place – about a 1/3 mile walk and you are all the way around the reservoir. This is in a low-traffic neighborhood on the Herriman bench with a lot of young kids around, so expect some small streets and slow driving, and don’t expect a spring break party atmosphere.

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  3. The residents around the reservoir are clearly bothered by the many visitors to the area. They will call the police for very petty reasons. Also the Boat ramp is NOT for public use as implied in this article (found that out the hard way). Really fun little reservoir.

  4. They had the 2nd drowning there today in June, due no doubt in part to the lack of a lifeguard which is NOT provided. It’s a bit of a zoo there and not the ideal spot some seem to envision it as.

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