Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Formerly Utah Hotel, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building is a must see part of Temple Square in Salt Lake City. It was originally built in 1911, but was completely renovated and reopened in 1993.


The Joseph Smith Memorial Building is gorgeous – both inside and out. When you walk in, the 2 story lobby is just gorgeous. The best part is there are free tours. Ask anyone with a name tag and they will get a tour for you. The best part is you can learn lots of fun facts like which church presidents lived at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.


Why Should You Visit the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

1. The HISTORY: Hotel Utah (now the Joseph Smith Memorial Building) is on the Utah Historic Registry. The tours and neat that the building is spectacular. One quick fun fact is that several of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) leaders have lived there as they aged and needed to be closer to the church offices and have care.


2. The Theater: The Legacy Theater always has an LDS (Mormon) Video playing. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) changes the movie every several years, but they are always educational, historical and uplifting.

3. The Restraunts: (See section below!)

4. The VIEWS: Even if you can’t stay long, this is a MUST SEE.

5.  FREE: The only costs are the restaurants.


Joseph Smith Memorial Building Restraunts

There are three restaurants at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

1) The Roof: This evening buffet is unique because of the view of the Salt Lake Temple. The restaurant has an excellent menu, considered elegant dining and has the price tag that comes with it.

2) The Garden Restaurant: The plaza-like atmosphere is charming and still carries great views of Salt Lake. The menu has variety and while not as expensive as The Roof, pricing is similar to other formal/informal restaurants in Salt Lake.

3) The Nauvoo Cafe: Open for breakfast lunch and dinner, this cafe has limited seating. It’s a great idea for a quick lunch or take out! The menu is great and the prices are all under $10.

Where Do I Park When Visiting the Joseph Smith Memorial Building?

There are three parking locations for which the restaurants will give validations.
  • Joseph Smith Memorial Building (primary lot) – 15 East South Temple
  • Social Hall / Eagle Gate – 51 South State St.
  • The Plaza Hotel – 122 West South Temple

Directly under the Joseph Smith Memorial Building is definitely the best and easiest.

Where is the Joseph Smith Memorial Building?

15 E South Temple Salt Lake City

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  1. What a neat building! I’ve driven through SLC several times, but never stopped to do touristy things. Your all-inclusive information is wonderful! (I’m usually in a rush to get to the Bear River Migratory Bird area 😉 ).

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