Nebo Loop Scenic Byway

A longer scenic byway, the Mount Nebo Scenic Loop is simply spectacular.  This byway is gorgeous year round, but in the fall you will see the most vivid and vivacious colors throughout the entire drive.

Mt Nebo Loop Scenic Byway


Where is Mt Nebo Loop Scenic Byway?

Since it is a byway, there are two entrances or exits. You can  start at the north in Payson. Take I-15 and get off on 800 S in Payson. It will then take up all the way up to the canyon which become the Nebo Loop Scenic Byway.

The second entrance is from the south and is just east of Nephi. The byway begins off of Hwy 132 and goes north,

Going north or south, you will not regret taking the drive!


Why make the Nebo Loop Drive?

1. It is gorgeous!!!! Check out these great photos.



2. The views are amazing! The drives gains in elevation and has several areas to pull off and enjoy the views.

Nebo Loop

Nebo Loop view of Santaquin

View of Santaquin

Nebo loop views


3. There is SO MUCH TO DO. Picnic. Hike. Explore. Camp. Check out the Grotto Falls Hike in Nebo Loop.

How Long Does it Take to Drive Mt Nebo Loop Scenic Byway?

That depends on you. If you simply drive and do not get out at any of the overlooks, plan on 1 hour and 15 minutes. However, the area is really neat. There is SO MUCH you can do. There are a lot of hikes! Don’t miss out. There are several lookouts. And there are a lot of campgrounds. So you can go and enjoy the area for much more than an hour!


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