Neptune Park in Saratoga Springs

Neptune Park in Saratoga Springs Utah is easily one of the best parks in the state. It has a couple great features that completely set it apart from every other park. The number one attraction? The big pyramid!!!


Neptune Park Pyramid

The Neptune Pyramid is 30 feet tall – the tallest of 3 in the world. The pyramid at Neptune Park is taller than a basketball goal (10 feet). It is taller than a giraffe (20 feet for a tall one) and even bigger than most two story homes.  So 30 feet is high, right? Yes, but the rope structure inside the pyramid is both for climbing and catching someone if they fall.  And so far, so FUN!!! The kids race to the top. It is a HUGE attraction.

What Else Is There 2 Do at Neptune Park?

But that is not the only attraction at Neptune Park. The rest of the playgrounds rock too. There are spin toys that any adult would get sick on, but kids just can’t get enough. Plenty of sides and areas to climb and explore.

Plus there is TONS of open space as well as basketball courts. There is plenty of room for a pick up soccer game.

neptune park basketball courts in saratoga springs

Where is Neptune Park?

452 W 400 N Saratoga Springs UT.

Neptune Park is just west of Redwood Road! Turn at the light on 400 N.

Overview of Neptune Park

What to Bring to Neptune Park

  • Sunscreen
  • Blanket or picnic throw
  • Snacks
  • A great attitude
  • Ready to have fun!

3 thoughts on “Neptune Park in Saratoga Springs

  1. I just found your blog and I’m so jealous that there isn’t something this awesome for Texas (or at least that I know of!). I haven’t been to Utah yet, but I’m definitely going to poke around this site. One of my good friends lives there and I hope to visit her soon. Thanks for this review of Neptune Park to get me started!

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