Park Discovery in Cedar City

Park Discovery in Cedar City

Park Discovery in Cedar City was designed by kids and made for kids. It is one of the best parks in Cedar City. Patterned after Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove, this park is amazing. Kids love it because of the imagination and structure. Parents love it because kids are fenced in and there is a great area for toddlers and younger kids.

Where is Park Discovery?

2077 W Royal Hunte Dr Cedar City

The park hides behind the Iron County School District office building. There is a parking lot just past the district office building.

What are the Amenities at Park Discovery in Cedar City?

  • Access to Park Discovery Trail
  • Amphitheater (available for additional rental fee)
  • Benches
  • Dinosaur sand pit
  • Electricity
  • Fields
  • Pavilion
  • Restrooms
  • Science Playground
  • Tables

What is the History of Park Discovery?

The neat history of this park is that it was all done by volunteers. It started with a couple of mothers who got land donated and ended up with more than 6000 volunteers.

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