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Utah is home to one of the best major league soccer teams – Real Salt Lake! Even if you are not a soccer fan, you have to attend at least one Real Salt Lake game just for the experience!

real salt lake


Tips for first timers – or for die hard Real Salt Lake fans!

  • Bring some cash for parking. There are a lot of small businesses around the stadium that allow parking for a fee. Some are $5 and others are $10 but they all only accept cash. Some are really close to the stadium!
  • When picking your seats take a couple things into account.
    1. There is only one scoreboard/video screen on the north side of the stadium. If you want to see it without turning around, choose your seats accordingly.
    2. There really isn’t a bad seat in the entire stadium.
    3. The band plays a lot – the drummer continually. They sit on the north side of the stadium. If you want to be by them or not by them, choose accordingly!
  • Unlike baseball, when a soccer ball is kicked into the stands, the fan who catches it throws it back down to the edge of the field.

real salt lake game

Best Parts of the Real Salt Lake Game

Learn the chant! Everyone sings it (kick off, rally and after a score!) and the words are also on the big screen but it is FUN.

Here are the words:


When RSL scores, the stadium goes wild. It is unreal and spectacular at the same time. The noise is great but confetti is everywhere (often from fans) and the chant is sung! It is awesome!!!

Real Salt Lake Videos

Where does Real Salt Lake Play?

Real Salt Lake plays in the Rio Tinto Stadium at 9256 S State Street Sandy UT

It’s a pretty neat stadium.

Rio Tinto Stadium where Real Salt Lake plays

This is the entrance to the Rio Tinto Stadium where Real Salt Lake plays.

real salt lake plays at the rio tint stadium

Outside the Rio Tinto Stadium

The east side of the stadium has binoculars for a better view of the valley. The panoramic pictures always distort it a little, but the view is amazing!

View from Rio Tinto Stadium during Real Salt Lake game

Where Do I Buy Real Salt Lake Tickets?

The best place to buy tickets is online. They have a great flash tickets process set up which puts the ticket right on your phone. So slick and easy!

 What is your favorite part of Real Salt Lake soccer games? Who is your favorite player? Comment and tell us!

8 thoughts on “Real Salt Lake Soccer

  1. The REAL games are amazing and they are so generous in giving back to the community. They have donated 300 tickets to the North Logan Library for a fundraiser on August 12th. The cool part is that the the tickets include a pre-game dinner outside the stadium and a T-shirt (dry-fit type). Here is the official write-up and link for ticket info:

    The Friends of the North Logan City Library bring you this exciting fundraiser event: $40 gets you into this limited-seating community party and into the Real Salt Lake v Club Tijuana game! The party starts at 6:30pm Tuesday, August 12 in the Rio Tinto Stadium parking lot and includes a free dinner before the game (Burger or Hot Dog and drink sponsored by Elements), a ticket for the 8:00 pm kick-off, and a free T-Shirt! Tickets and T-Shirts (especially sizes) are limited and expected to go QUICKLY so move now to reserve yours! Buying 6 tickets also gets you a FREE parking pass at the Stadium near the party tents.

    There will be music, giveaways, and fun all while having that warm-fuzzy feeling of helping to support the North Logan Library! For all the details and any questions email/text/call Tessa at, 435-770-2367.

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