Rendezvous Park Walking Trail in Logan Utah

Where can you walk on a board walk or nice path surrounded by green trees and hear and see the river? Rendezvous Park in Logan Utah.

Rendezvous Park and walking trail logan utah

What is at Rendezvous Park and Walking Trail?

The trail weaves around the park and provides a nice and beautiful walk or bike ride. There is also a fenced dog park (called Harris Nature Park and Preserve) where dogs are allowed off leash.

Rendezvous Park is simply amazing. It is gorgeous.

Rendezvous park walking trail logan utah


The wooded nature provides a lot of greenery and the trail runs along the river. It is a pretty view but also provides fun for throwing rocks. Fishing is also allowed too!!

rendezvous park walking trail along river

One of the neat things about this 8.77 acre park is the educational items along the walkway. The markers in the trail mark distance but also teach!Rendezvous park education on the walking trail

There are a lot of pretty wild flowers too.


Where is Rendezvous Park and Walking Trail?

It is at roughly 1500 S US 91 in Logan Utah. 

More Video of the Walking Trail and River

5 thoughts on “Rendezvous Park Walking Trail in Logan Utah

  1. The trail looks wonderful. It’s good for a person’s mind and soul to amble along surrounded by nature. Utah is another country away from me here in England. But no matter where you are, nature is full of grandeur and beauty.

  2. Looks wonderful, and I spotted that you said there was a separate area where dog walkers can go and let their dogs off the lead. To me that is great because I have a fear of dogs and here in the UK dogs can be off the lead in parks and places like this, which stops me being able to enjoy them. I would love to visit.

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