Waffle Love – It really is LUV

I have heard how wonderful Waffle Love waffles are. So as I was driving back from a work appointment, I saw the truck. It was just there. And I impulsively turned around and got in line. Yes, there was a line at 2 pm.

Waffle Love Truck

The truck!

I was hungry and then I saw the price. $7-8 for one waffle with fruit and cream. I thought “Do I really try this? 8 bucks for a waffle?” And the line was long.  “But everyone says it is SO GOOD!” So I waited and I bought the liege waffle with biscoff (this stuff is AMAZING), raspberries and cream. I was kind of surprised that it seemed small when they handed it to me.

Waffle Love Truck


BUT . . . I LOVE IT!!!

Holy cow. Simply amazing! The outside of the Waffle Love waffle is crisp and the inside is dense and soft. The biscoff and raspberries and cream complimented each other and the waffle.  I enjoyed every bite and half way through, I was full! The waffle is so dense that you don’t realize how much it is filling you up! It was awesome! I really want to bring my husband with me to track down a truck, but then we will both be hooked!


Waffle love

Where is Waffle Love?

They do have a store in Provo Utah but most people are familiar with the trucks. The store is located at 796 N 950 W Provo

View Driving Directions in a larger map

One truck is at various locations in Utah County and the other one changes locations in Salt Lake County.  The easiest way to follow the trucks on Facebook.


What is your favorite Waffle Love waffle? Have you tried the deep fried ice cream?

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